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Bring On the Romance

Books Posted on Mon, April 27, 2015 16:16:13

overwhelming success of Fifty Shades of Grey has sparked a revolution in female
writers and readers joining the bandwagon of exploit novels. There is no doubt
women today are much more free to discuss the intricacies of desire and
relationships more than ever before and in some ways this is a great thing. But
the incredible rise to the heights of a novel based on the physical is a great
source of objective thinking and does it reflect the sign of our times?

the years the greatest romantic novels and films have touched our hearts,
brought tears to our eyes and most of the time led to a fairy tale ending. Gone
with the Wind, Dr Zhivago, Wuthering Heights, Love Story are all past
successful epics of their time and beyond. They all have been threaded with the
same colour cotton, beautiful and sometimes sad or eventful stories intertwined
with heroines, heroes and a love line which beats up and down and round and
round. Centred around love and passion, they have brought to screen or book the
feeling that love is the defiant warrior and that it will survive somehow and in
some way. They also have been reflective of our way of thinking and society at
the time and how men and women view relationships. So is the romance of
partnerships something we do not get excited about anymore?

down most women want the same and few do not want the romance to go with the
good guy. Of course physical playtime and attraction are part of it but there
is also a great queue of women awaiting the rose on Valentine’s Day or the poem
filled card ,.And over time the male hero in stories has always been shown as a
little of the swashbuckling hero or the knight in shining armour. Films and
books where the man has whisked his girl from the depths of her poor life and
existence or have been portrayed as strong and ready to fight for her honour,
have captured the hearts of most with wistful sighs. The strangest thing is not all women nowadays
wish to admit it. In a world of powerful women rising in all career and society
areas, few women cite romance as the big attraction and yet will ooze
excitement over romantic extravaganzas such as George Clooney’s wedding, but not
the olden day Romeo, who will let nothing stand between him and his love .

it resulted in confused men that they no longer know which direction to go?
They are surrounded in the media with women who have successful careers, who
earn fortunes and can easily fund their own shopping sprees and home ownership
and in the work place are shown to be powerful and equal in many places. We are
shown many more men taking on roles in society of house husbands and Mannie’s
(male nannies) more and more frequently?
Are the men now thinking with a more “equal” head got in their minds
that women do not want to be treated like princesses and showered with a wave
of impetuous and spontaneous gestures?

they now become slightly hesitant and therefore they hang back and wait or cast
the thought aside that their partner would not enjoy such efforts or even worse
criticise their wayward thinking? Some romance and especially around wedding planning
is of course prevalent, but the confusion in how far it goes still remains

is part of the courtship procedure, very often it is the little things which
become memorable in the later years and part of the growth together. It is
something to be celebrated and shared in every relationship. The evidence is
there as Scarlett O’Hara may have come across as a bit of a bossy boots, and
free and independent thinking woman, soon melts when her handsome suitor showed
his feelings openly. It is of course part of our world that women have
thankfully found a voice and are able to succeed and a lesson to be learnt and
treasured, but as in everything the balance between two people and
understanding what each other wants is
just as important. There are very few
women on the planet who will discard the gift of a surprise bouquet or even a
bunch of flowers from the supermarket, there are few women who do not wish to
be treated with respect and kindness and few who wish their partner to shy away
from opening a door, or arranging an unexpected trip away. It can always be
said that partnerships should grow together and be equal in many ways and if
the guys get the romance right, they may find they have become the hero of ages
past and that their princess in the tower will actually let her hair down much
more often than he has ever dreamt !

Kindle V Hard Copy

Books Posted on Thu, November 14, 2013 14:59:37

Have you noticed more people
sitting around in cafes, on the bus, or train or even around the pool on
holiday their eyes fixed to a small screen.
How about people in the same places with a book in their hand? Which one do you think is more popular and which way do you like to read your books?

With the introduction
of the Kindle, a new book downloaded at the click of the button, are more
people replacing hard copies of their favourite novels with an eBook.

There is a lot of
benefits to having a Kindle, especially for holidays or your long journey to
work. Books are heavy, and there is only so many you can carry at one time, but as you can only read one book at a time,
does that really matter? If you going on
a long trip maybe it does. Imagine all
the clothes you would have to leave behind if you wanted to take a new book for
each week you were away from home – especially if your trip was going to be six
months long. How heavy would your
suitcase be? So in this case (sorry) a
Kindle would be the perfect travelling companion and you’d be guaranteed never
to run out of reading material, just make sure you don’t forget your charger.

One of the reasons some
people will never experience the joy of being a Kindle owner is the feeling
they get as they turn each page. Their
bookcase is jammed packed with books they have read and they have boxes and
boxes of them in the garage, as they just can’t bring themselves to part with

Book lovers around the
world will agree that hard copies are so much better than an eBook for
Kindle. They love browsing the shelves
in bookshops, sifting through the piles of second-hand books at boot fairs, or exchanging
their latest read with a friend. You can’t
do that with an eBook. But kindles are really light, easy
to fit into your bag and you can bring your whole bookcase with you anywhere
you go. But what if you left home in a
hurry and didn’t notice your Kindle is nearly out of charge – and you left the charger
at your parents. No reading for you

There are a lot of pros
and cons for both Kindles and Hard Copy, but as long as the love of reading
continues shouldn’t that be the only thing that matters. Maybe think about trying to read your latest
read in the opposite way you normally do.
If you know a Kindle lover and you only read Hard Copy, why not suggest
you swap and compare notes. You won’t know if you don’t like it if you haven’t tried it.

But remember whichever way you read make the moment an enjoyable moment!

How to create your own characters.

Books Posted on Mon, November 11, 2013 19:55:51

Ever finished reading a
book and wonder how the author came up with the main characters? Most of authors plan their characters and
storyline, along with the theme of the story before they even put pen to paper
(or fingers to keyboards).

I’ve put together five
steps for you to follow to help you create your own characters. You might not be considering world domination
in the book world but you might need a few to add to your short story for
school, college or that competition you’ve been dying to enter.

Before you start thinking about your
characters, you will need to decide which genre your character will be in;
action, fantasy, romance, comedy, horror or sci-fi. You can’t create a time travelling dwarf if
you’re thinking of writing a romantic story can you?

Next you need to ask yourself why is the
character you are about to create needed in the story and what are their
purpose in the story? Will they be the
lifelong enemy or a long lost lover? Do
they have a main role or just a small supporting part? These questions need to be answered before
you can really begin to piece together your character.

Give your character some basics; age,
appearance, family background, likes, dislikes.
If you can draw why not summon up an image. If you can’t, there are many simulation games
(The Sims) to help you build your character.
Knowing your character a little bit better will help when it comes to
actually putting them into your story.

Delve into your character’s past. Are they hiding a dark secret? Did something good/bad happen to them in
their childhood. Is there something about
them that only a few know about? It
helps to know a little background information when you start writing, as your
character may act a certain way because of something in their past. For instance, when they were six they nearly
drowned, so anything relating to water makes your character freak out.

All your character to grow as the story
progresses. They cannot stay the same
throughout the story. Events that will
occur as you continue to write will have an effect on your character’s life and
thoughts. Make sure you are able to show
this change.

Here are a few tips you
might find useful too.

Make your stories and characters believable
– no one is perfect or really evil.

Drawing your characters, whichever way
you can, will help.

Always date your stories.

Never throw away any stories even if you
don’t manage to complete them.

Pay particular attention to the conversations
between your characters.

People watch to get ideas.

Watch films for dialogue.

Research; jobs, places, food, the

Always make writing an enjoyable

Shout for Love

Books Posted on Sat, October 12, 2013 09:58:16


Western’s compelling romantic novel tells the story of Katie
Smythe, a successful London antique shop owner, and her courtship by, and
marriage to wealthy playboy Declan Black, before shifting into a thriller when Katie
is kidnapped for ransom.

Western presents enough obstacles
and chemistry to the couple’s love that their union feels well earned. Friends
and foils provide an interesting backdrop, and naturalistic dialogue moves the
story along. When Katie and Declan travel to Turkey for their honeymoon, she is
kidnapped, and Declan and Michael, as well as Katie’s own bravery, are her only
chances for escape. Western plots this part of the novel at comfortably swift
pace and the book ties up the pieces for a satisfying ending.

This urbane, sexy romance novel
smoothly transitions from romance to thriller.

Shout For Love by Foley Western – 4th October 2011

The Extra Mile

Books Posted on Fri, October 04, 2013 20:49:38

He was her overly attentive and
affectionate boss, who always seemed interested in spite of Amanda’s
stand-offish attitude. She was a tall girl with long, wavy ginger-coloured hair
and didn’t date much, or rather never has the time or inclination to date.
Certainly, he was an attractive man, but there was no good reason to become
romantically involved with a man who amounts to a colleague, a senior one mind
but nevertheless a colleague.

However, that never held him back
from asking her for the ceremonial cup of coffee which signalled that he would like to get to know
her better. He was tall and handsome, but she was far more focused on her job
and completing her missions efficiently and successfully, as lives depended on
it than a flirtation with anyone..

It was time; Ginger had been
putting off leaving for Hong Kong for two days. Far too long by SYNO’s
standards, the company which employed her. To the gaze of the public, she was
merely a secretary by the name of Amanda, working at a corporation for Clive.
In reality she could be a deadly, highly efficient master at karate and a crack shot with a pistol.. To be contd.


Seventy-Five Lilymeg Lane

Books Posted on Sun, September 22, 2013 14:54:11

On a beautiful, bright and surprisingly warm Autumn day, like today, there’s nothing more I’d rather do than a bit of gardening and taking a walk in the nearby countryside. Fortunately, I am spoiled for choice with rambling routes where I live in Hampshire, so I am constantly greeted by bleating sheep and shy horses whenever I cut through a farmer’s field. Plus, now the leaves are falling and changes, the colourful landscape has got my creative juices flowing, once more.

This idyllic and very British scene is where most of my inspiration comes for my fiction, particularly children’s book 75 Lilymeg Lane. The short story encapsulates the dreamy image of a Cotswold village;

“In a peaceful country village in the Cotswolds there was a little girl who lived in a most quaint cottage. Flowers of every description surrounded it, the front garden had the most beautiful roses and chrysanthemums. Everyone who passed by, always commented on how lovely the garden looked and smelled. Keisha was a very lucky little girl to live in such a pretty house. She never tired of smelling the roses and playing in the garden.”

For more kid friendly stories, please check out my book, To Be Young.

She Walks on the Wild Side

Books Posted on Fri, September 20, 2013 17:49:27

She Walks on the Wild Side by Foley Western

librarian pens engaging romantic novel inspired by her international travels.

Tanya thought she had the perfect
life. She thought she knew what she wanted. How wrong she was. Well-educated,
gainfully employed and living an uneventful existence, Tanya begins to feel
deeply dissatisfied with the monotony of her daily life. With her restless soul
yearning for freedom she succumbs to the irresistible perfume of adventure.
Leaving everything that is familiar – her job, her friends, her family – Tanya
boldly steps off the well-worn path of middle-class mediocrity to carve out her
own journey through the wilderness. But taking control of her own destiny will not
be easy and Tanya soon discovers that her decision will test her to the limit.
Finding herself alone and friendless in foreign lands and with a child to
support, Tanya learns for the first time in her life, not only how to survive,
but how to live life to the fullest. As she finally manages to achieve a sense
of happiness, the handsome Leo enters her life. Under foreign skies she
reluctantly falls in love with a man who will tear her plans asunder. Finding
love will force Tanya to decide once and for all whether she is running away
from her past or towards her destiny.

Review for my book Kimberley

Books Posted on Thu, September 12, 2013 15:09:23

Kimberley, by Foley Western,
The title character is endowed with
supernatural powers that often make her life seem more of a curse than a
blessing. Western wastes no time in introducing Kimberley’s strange gift,
starting the book out with an example. That immediate action serves to set the
tone for what will be a fast-paced ride through to the end. Western has picked
the perfect pace for such a book, with little down-time. In doing so, readers
are drawn deeper into the world that Kimberley experiences and can feel the
desperation that she feels. The author has a good grasp on balancing the telling
of her story between dialogue and narration. The dialogue itself is a fine
example of just how dialogue should be done. Lines don’t feel stilted or fake.
Instead each line of dialogue adds to the overall tale and lends an air of
authenticity to the work. Fans of a good adventure with a supernatural twist
will be glad to “meet” Kimberley.

Publish America

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