Hello everyone, this is Foley.
Sorry it’s been a while but i have been going through some stuff.
That has kept me sober and reflective in the last year.
I unfortunatley lost my precious Son.
This has hit me very hard and has coloured my view of some things.
It has made me very reflective of life and how precious it is.
I have even developed a fondness for four legged furry creatures, i now have two lovely cats, Lucy and Smudge. Playing with them eases the pain I feel in my heart and as such they have become some of the highlights of my day.
Whilst in this reflective state of mind; I am currently researching what my next book will be about and hoping not to cloud my writing with too much sadness. But one thing i am sure of is that life is precious and you should live for the moment, anything you want to do you should go for it, Create a bucket list and ensure you fulfil it. as you don’t know what is around the corner. I don’t want to sound morbid or anything but i just need to get this off my chest.
i know that life is precious and you should let the ones you love know how much they are loved.
My books may become more coloured with love and acts of loving even more that before. In the mean time i will be planning a road trip, i will go around and experiance palcea nd appreciate them within the USA. I have recently returned from the UK where i spent some time apprecaiting England, so i hope to go around the USA to appreciate the landmarks andwhat it has to offer and looking for inspiration for my new books.
I have recently been going through some Barbara Cartland novels which i have been doing since i was a teenager and are inspiring, you would have thought i would have grown out of that but i haven’t, Her books are historical and she gives an insight into what life was like over the last two hundred years or so in Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom.
On a lighter note i have started appreciating Country and Western music emanating from Nashville of course as the songs are always telling a story about love and life as well as being easy to listen to with good music behind them.