Should you only marry your own kind? There are arguments for both sides in my estimation, but the real answer is NO.

Marriage is about the coming together of two people who love each other for themselves, not their race, their colour, their wealth or lack of it. Relationships, what ever the make up of it will survive if They show respect for one another, If they apologise when wrong and accept apology quickly when given, If they strive to always tell each other the truth, If they show each other respect and If they can help it, Not raise their voices to each other and to think before they speak.

A marriage is
supposed to be made in heaven but if it is to work in the 21st Century it has
to allow both partners to discover their inner potential rather than being
merely an institution for living together and raising children,

The best marriages
are probably better today than at any time in history because spouses are
looking for something other than simply sharing the same home, a goal which
would have been acceptable a century or
more ago, but now couples are also looking for a spiritual connection, with similar goals and ambitions which they describe as
finding their soul mates.

All couples argue, and some disagreements may not
be bad for building a relationship. But when arguments become heated, that’s
when blame, criticism and name-calling comes out, sometimes unintentionally. And
too much of that isn’t as good for marital happiness, as plenty of research

Women take more responsibility for emotional harmony in a marriage.

It’s important for partners to realise they have a lot of emotional influence on each other. There are two people in this dance, but women may have to take the first step to show him the way and other things will follow.”

This may be something that husbands and wives know intuitively, but now there’s science to back up these hunches