What springs to
mind when you hear someone mention the word Atlantis? Do you conjure up images of underwater cities
and mythical characters or remember the latest TV or film to hit our screens
that depicts the lost city under the sea?
So is Atlantis merely just a myth or did this now submerged city once
look out over the ocean that surround it.

According to
Plato, one of the world’s best known philosophers, Atlantis was in fact a major
sea power located in the Atlantic. His
accounts included detailed descriptions of Atlantis, the mountains and plains
that surrounded the great city and its successful conquests of parts of Western
Europe and Africa. It is also believed,
after a failed attempt to invade Athens, Atlantis supposedly sank into the
ocean and has remained there ever since.

For many years
archaeologists, architects and scientists have tried to discover the exact
location of this missing city and searches have, with the help of the
information Plato shared, been focused on the Mediterranean and the Atlantic as
the most likely sites.

We have seen how
much of their life these specialists devote to carrying on their research and
finally get the proof they have been long searching for. Astronauts have gone into space and landed on
the moon, surely experienced divers can locate Atlantis and show the world
that Atlantis was more than a figment of a great philosopher’s
imagination. It would be interesting to
see what comes to the surface in the future.