Do you remember telling
your parents you wanted to be a pop star, football player, model, actor,
writer, fashion designer when you grew up?
I am guessing you grew up and became a teacher, chef, gardener,
hairdresser, secretary instead. So what
happened to the dreams you had? Just
wishful thinking of a child’s mind or did life dictate which path you

A lucky few do follow their
dreams and become exactly who they said they wanted to be. It’s not an easy
path to take and no one would blame them if they choose to give up before they
succeeded. Finding a job can be a hard
task, imagine trying to find your dream job.
Even the bravest would feel a little nervous.

For the older
generation (all of you over 35) I am sure there are plenty of you who sit on
the train or amongst traffic dreaming of writing a book, opening a quaint
little coffee shop, turning your love of pottery into a business or whatever else
you long to do with your life. Is it the
thought of the unknown or the fear of failure that stops you taking the first
steps? But wouldn’t you rather have
tried than just sat each and every day just dreaming.

There is hope for all
you dreamers out there. It is known fact
that when we hit a particular milestone in our life (different for everyone),
or find ourselves going through a dramatic experience we find ourselves
reflecting on our life. This is the most
common time that we decide to make a drastic change in our life. Whether it be going back to college and study
a random subject just for fun, take that long overdue trip around the world, or
turn dreams in to realities.

So if you haven’t yet
reached ‘that’ milestone and life hasn’t thrown any dramas your way, why not
take a look at your life and your dreams anyway. Wouldn’t it be great to know that you made
your own decisions and hadn’t waited until you hit the big 4-0, or when you
took early retirement, or even worse, after a rather tricky divorce?

Whatever you dream,
dream big and don’t let anyone tell you different!