Have you noticed more people
sitting around in cafes, on the bus, or train or even around the pool on
holiday their eyes fixed to a small screen.
How about people in the same places with a book in their hand? Which one do you think is more popular and which way do you like to read your books?

With the introduction
of the Kindle, a new book downloaded at the click of the button, are more
people replacing hard copies of their favourite novels with an eBook.

There is a lot of
benefits to having a Kindle, especially for holidays or your long journey to
work. Books are heavy, and there is only so many you can carry at one time, but as you can only read one book at a time,
does that really matter? If you going on
a long trip maybe it does. Imagine all
the clothes you would have to leave behind if you wanted to take a new book for
each week you were away from home – especially if your trip was going to be six
months long. How heavy would your
suitcase be? So in this case (sorry) a
Kindle would be the perfect travelling companion and you’d be guaranteed never
to run out of reading material, just make sure you don’t forget your charger.

One of the reasons some
people will never experience the joy of being a Kindle owner is the feeling
they get as they turn each page. Their
bookcase is jammed packed with books they have read and they have boxes and
boxes of them in the garage, as they just can’t bring themselves to part with

Book lovers around the
world will agree that hard copies are so much better than an eBook for
Kindle. They love browsing the shelves
in bookshops, sifting through the piles of second-hand books at boot fairs, or exchanging
their latest read with a friend. You can’t
do that with an eBook. But kindles are really light, easy
to fit into your bag and you can bring your whole bookcase with you anywhere
you go. But what if you left home in a
hurry and didn’t notice your Kindle is nearly out of charge – and you left the charger
at your parents. No reading for you

There are a lot of pros
and cons for both Kindles and Hard Copy, but as long as the love of reading
continues shouldn’t that be the only thing that matters. Maybe think about trying to read your latest
read in the opposite way you normally do.
If you know a Kindle lover and you only read Hard Copy, why not suggest
you swap and compare notes. You won’t know if you don’t like it if you haven’t tried it.

But remember whichever way you read make the moment an enjoyable moment!