It didn’t seem that long ago that the six week long summer
holidays were in full swing and now Half Term is upon us, with the Christmas
holidays not that far in the future.
Parents are finding it harder and harder to entertain their youngsters
and stop the boredom creeping up when the sun is shining, but what to do when
the weather is just too bad to go outside.

The arrival of St Jude’s Storm has thrown the country in to
chaos, with everyone being advised to stay indoors unless it was completely
necessary to brave the gale force winds and flying branches. The groans of parents and kids alike can be
heard up and down the country, the thought of having to entertain indoors for a
week filling them with dread.

Sitting in front of the TV or the PC is okay for an
afternoon but definitely out of the questions for a week. What else does that leave? I have drawn up a list of five ‘indoor’
activities that might just keep a smile on everyone’s faces.

1. Home Cinema
Local cinemas do normally run a school
holidays programme but if you can’t get out to one, how about make your
own. You don’t need a big room or plenty
of chairs, cushions, pillows and duvets will do the trick, and kids of all ages
will love it. A box of ice lollies and a
big bag of sweets is the perfect combination.
And the adults can even join in.

2. The Great British Baking Afternoon
Why not get a few youngsters over and have a
bake off. If you are also thinking
Option 4 (below) too, what a great opportunity to make the party food. You could also use Halloween as the theme. Some of the older children could take on the
roles as the judges and the winning ‘baker’ win a prize.

3. Halloween
Craft Day
If you are thinking of combining Halloween
and the half term party/disco or just looking to decorate your hallway, a craft
day is the perfect opportunity to make a wide range of decorations. From bunting to pumpkins to scary costumes,
even the tiniest of hands can take part.

4. Half Term Party/Disco
Depending on the ages of your youngsters and
their friends a half term party or disco at the end of the week is a perfect
treat to finish off the holidays. Gives
the parents a chance to catch up and join in the fun too. You could add a theme and get the kids to
dress up.

5. Games Arcade/Board Games
Most families have some sort of games console, so
why not get a few friends to bring theirs round and build your very own games
arcade. You could have teams competing
against each other, with the lowest scorer on each game being eliminated until
you only have two components left to fight it out. An alternative to the games arcade, could be
a board game convention. Kids could
arrive with the board game of their choice and challenge the others. You could even set it up as if it was a game
on TV with a live audience.

I am sure there will be many other ideas that spring to mind but if you do find yourself with a houseful of bored children, maybe one of these ideas might just turn their frown upside down.