Have you heard of the National Youth Film Festival

I hadn’t until I passed a large group of children queuing
outside my local cinema first thing in the morning. It made me wonder what they were doing, as
the Cinema doesn’t normally open until later in the day. I had to ask.

It seems this week sees the launch of the very first
National Youth Film Festival which is being held at participating cinemas between
21st October and 8th November across the UK. The first of its kind in this country, the
festival is hoping to inspire young people aged 5-19 to watch, make and use
film in new and creative ways, bringing learning to life to support education
and personal development. And hopefully
building a lifelong passion for films.

What a great idea. I
can’t think of anyone that hasn’t watched a film, and what a fantastic way to
get a particular message across. I
needed to find out more. A few clicks of
the mouse and I was soon on the National Youth Film Festival website. Wow they have really gone to town on
promoting this. Not only do they offer
an explanation of which themes have been chosen but why and which films they
have decided fits the bill.

Monsters University, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2,
Man of Steel, Peter Pan, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory – just a few
gems being shown on the big screen.

They also have lots of downloadable information for
educators and children to use once the festival is over, and a guide to help
you get your own film festival started.
That is just brilliant. I know a
lot of young children who are very interested in films, from scriptwriting to
making the film, to sound and visual effects.

So many good books have been turned into films – Harry Potter,
Twilight, The Hobbit, Lion, Witch and Wardrobe – and another way of encouraging
more children to pick up a book.

I have included a link to the National Youth Film Festival
in case you know anyone who is a budding director, actor, animator and even a writer. Films do play a big part in gathering ideas
for a great plot, so why not see which film stands out for you.