Before I sit down and start on my next chapter, I like to
clear my mind of all unnecessary thoughts.
My characters need to be free to roam around inside my mind and I need
to be clear of distractions. It’s no
good attempting to write a single word whilst thinking about the new recipe I
might try out for dinner tonight. I don’t
think it would be a great idea if my latest plot took an unexpected change of
direction towards the kitchen.

So what little gem have I found that works wonders clearing
my mind?

For me, it’s a leisurely walk in the countryside with the
sound of nature guiding my every step.
The morning dew is still wet under feet and spider webs gleam in the
early morning sunshine. Thank goodness I
don’t see any spiders. Definitely not something
I’m ready for that early in the morning.

I’m never alone as I walk.
Nature is all around me. I cannot
always see it but I know it is there.
The sounds of the birds high up in the trees. A rustle of the bushes and never really sure
what has just scurried away from me. Dog owners in the distance calling their furry
friends as they head on home. Sometimes
my husband decided to join me and the sound of our chatty gets swept along with
the fallen leaves. This is my ‘clearing’
place and when a new character suddenly pops into my head just as I’ve stopped
to admire the ducks sitting by the small pond, I can’t help but smile.

The countryside is not the only good place to go to clear
you mind. The beach is another great way
of leaving it all behind. I can almost
smell the salty sea air and the feel of the soft sand on my bare feet. Probably a little cold for no socks and shoes
unless you are lucky enough to be on a beach somewhere really, really hot, but I’m
sure you get the picture. The sound of
the waves gently breaking on the shore is a favourite amongst a lot of us.

Others don’t have to go too far to find their ‘clearing’
place, just opening the door and taking a few steps outside and into their own garden. Whether it’s just an old deckchair sitting
under the large oak tree at the bottom of the garden or a tiny summerhouse
nestled in the corner with roses growing up the outside. Their very own place of tranquillity.

It doesn’t matter where your ‘clearing’ place is, what
matters is that your special somewhere will help calm your inner turmoil,
empty your mind and surround your soul with happiness, ready for the day