Western’s compelling romantic novel tells the story of Katie
Smythe, a successful London antique shop owner, and her courtship by, and
marriage to wealthy playboy Declan Black, before shifting into a thriller when Katie
is kidnapped for ransom.

Western presents enough obstacles
and chemistry to the couple’s love that their union feels well earned. Friends
and foils provide an interesting backdrop, and naturalistic dialogue moves the
story along. When Katie and Declan travel to Turkey for their honeymoon, she is
kidnapped, and Declan and Michael, as well as Katie’s own bravery, are her only
chances for escape. Western plots this part of the novel at comfortably swift
pace and the book ties up the pieces for a satisfying ending.

This urbane, sexy romance novel
smoothly transitions from romance to thriller.

Shout For Love by Foley Western – 4th October 2011