He was her overly attentive and
affectionate boss, who always seemed interested in spite of Amanda’s
stand-offish attitude. She was a tall girl with long, wavy ginger-coloured hair
and didn’t date much, or rather never has the time or inclination to date.
Certainly, he was an attractive man, but there was no good reason to become
romantically involved with a man who amounts to a colleague, a senior one mind
but nevertheless a colleague.

However, that never held him back
from asking her for the ceremonial cup of coffee which signalled that he would like to get to know
her better. He was tall and handsome, but she was far more focused on her job
and completing her missions efficiently and successfully, as lives depended on
it than a flirtation with anyone..

It was time; Ginger had been
putting off leaving for Hong Kong for two days. Far too long by SYNO’s
standards, the company which employed her. To the gaze of the public, she was
merely a secretary by the name of Amanda, working at a corporation for Clive.
In reality she could be a deadly, highly efficient master at karate and a crack shot with a pistol.. To be contd.