On a beautiful, bright and surprisingly warm Autumn day, like today, there’s nothing more I’d rather do than a bit of gardening and taking a walk in the nearby countryside. Fortunately, I am spoiled for choice with rambling routes where I live in Hampshire, so I am constantly greeted by bleating sheep and shy horses whenever I cut through a farmer’s field. Plus, now the leaves are falling and changes, the colourful landscape has got my creative juices flowing, once more.

This idyllic and very British scene is where most of my inspiration comes for my fiction, particularly children’s book 75 Lilymeg Lane. The short story encapsulates the dreamy image of a Cotswold village;

“In a peaceful country village in the Cotswolds there was a little girl who lived in a most quaint cottage. Flowers of every description surrounded it, the front garden had the most beautiful roses and chrysanthemums. Everyone who passed by, always commented on how lovely the garden looked and smelled. Keisha was a very lucky little girl to live in such a pretty house. She never tired of smelling the roses and playing in the garden.”

For more kid friendly stories, please check out my book, To Be Young.