She Walks on the Wild Side by Foley Western

librarian pens engaging romantic novel inspired by her international travels.

Tanya thought she had the perfect
life. She thought she knew what she wanted. How wrong she was. Well-educated,
gainfully employed and living an uneventful existence, Tanya begins to feel
deeply dissatisfied with the monotony of her daily life. With her restless soul
yearning for freedom she succumbs to the irresistible perfume of adventure.
Leaving everything that is familiar – her job, her friends, her family – Tanya
boldly steps off the well-worn path of middle-class mediocrity to carve out her
own journey through the wilderness. But taking control of her own destiny will not
be easy and Tanya soon discovers that her decision will test her to the limit.
Finding herself alone and friendless in foreign lands and with a child to
support, Tanya learns for the first time in her life, not only how to survive,
but how to live life to the fullest. As she finally manages to achieve a sense
of happiness, the handsome Leo enters her life. Under foreign skies she
reluctantly falls in love with a man who will tear her plans asunder. Finding
love will force Tanya to decide once and for all whether she is running away
from her past or towards her destiny.