Kimberley, by Foley Western,
The title character is endowed with
supernatural powers that often make her life seem more of a curse than a
blessing. Western wastes no time in introducing Kimberley’s strange gift,
starting the book out with an example. That immediate action serves to set the
tone for what will be a fast-paced ride through to the end. Western has picked
the perfect pace for such a book, with little down-time. In doing so, readers
are drawn deeper into the world that Kimberley experiences and can feel the
desperation that she feels. The author has a good grasp on balancing the telling
of her story between dialogue and narration. The dialogue itself is a fine
example of just how dialogue should be done. Lines don’t feel stilted or fake.
Instead each line of dialogue adds to the overall tale and lends an air of
authenticity to the work. Fans of a good adventure with a supernatural twist
will be glad to “meet” Kimberley.

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