Obviously, my children are my life. They take up much of my life too, but their creativity and energy, never ceases to amaze me.

As I think up new ways to keep them entertained this summer holiday, their zest for life continues to influence the themes of my books, especially children’s books.

My book ‘To Be Young’ focuses on the adventures of different animals and their situations. I use these animals as tools which, I find, are a good way to illustrate life events and emotions. It’s also such a good excuse for me to tag along on a trip to the aquarium or safari park as there is so much colour, wildness and action to witness there. Plus, the animals provide awesome photos, all in the name of research!

Another fantastic way to keep children occupied, but also to improve their writing and story telling whilst their off school, is to encourage them to record highlights of their summer holiday. One way is to introduce the ‘summer diary’ or scrapbook or even an online collage. Both can include anything they have found fun or exciting during their day. Trips out can be recorded using maps, brochures, shells, leaves, feathers etc. The more colourful and creative the better. Drawings, paintings and pressings can used to describe their day or trip out. The more stuff collected really does mean more memories.

What with technology nowadays, photos can be uploaded to create a virtual diary that might also include funny videos, drawings and links to favourite places, films, games – the world really is their oyster!