Welcome Royal Baby! It is hard to
ignore, on a stormy day like today, the wonderful birth of the Duke and Duchess
of Cambridge’s new Prince.
gave birth to a boy on Monday 22nd July 2013 at 16:24 weighing
8lbs 6oz at the Lindo Wing, St Mary’s Hospital in London, the same place
as husband, Prince William was born.

What a wonderful celebration for the United Kingdom. Official tributes to the little boy will be made around the country and worldwide today, including gun salutes and the ringing of Westminster Abbey’s

Yesterday the Royal Navy also paid tribute to the newest arrival for the Royal
family, by creating the word ‘boy’ visible from a birds eye view.

I even saw that the Tower of London, Niagara falls and BT Tower were lit up
in blue
yesterday, marking the birth of a boy for William and Catherine.
Now the wait for the Royal birth is over, it is time to be patient again before the new born’s name is revealed. Many have speculated that past Kings may feature in the name, but all will be revealed, hopefully by the end of the week.

I quite like the name James or Edward, but as a future King, his name will probably be very lengthy and well thought out.