Wishing everyone a great 2018 and happiness and success throughout the year.

I sat up and watched the fireworks in London last night on the television. I am always impressed with how they get the music montage to go with the timing of the fireworks. It made me think of my favorite songs of 2017 and I believe that to be Emile Sande and The Military Wives, as both are very inspiring for different reasons.

Emile Sande has a wonderful voice and is a great talent and asset to the British music industry as her material is original . When I hear her voice, it makes me listen. It is the voice to inspire a generation in the Olympics and I am sure it will inspire many generations to come, from all walks of life.

The Military Wives have brought a tear to my eye throughout 2012 with their beautiful voices and lyrics. The cause they sing for is inspiring, touching and a reminder in a new year of those risking their lives to help keep us safe.

Have a great and inspiring 2013!